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Critical Courses

For Management Majors, there are two (2) key Management courses:

  • MGMT 320 Management of Behavior and Organizations
  • MGMT 490 Strategic Management

The first key Management course is "MGMT 320 Management of Behavior & Organizations." It provides students with the fundamental "Principles of Management" they will use throughout the academic career. This course a prerequisite for many of the Management courses. Once a Management Major is accepted into Upper Division, MGMT 320 should be one of the first courses taken.

320. MANAGEMENT OF BEHAVIOR AND ORGANIZATIONS. (3, 0, 3). Study of management fundamentals and concepts by lecture and case method with emphasis on organizational behavior. Includes processes, structure, development of, and behavior in organizations.

MGMT 490 Strategic Management is the "Capstone" course for Management Majors and is taken in their last semester. This course integrates all areas of Business Administration.

490. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT. (3, 0, 3). Integration of all areas of Business Administration. Prereq: All Common Body of Knowledge courses except for ACCT 333, BSAT 303, BSAT 382, and courses that fulfill the international business requirement (ACCT 426, ECON 415, FNAN 412, MGMT 425, or MKTG 470). Restr: Business majors in last semester of course work.