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Hospitality Management Courses

Hospitality Management majors learn the ins and outs of running a business in the tourism industry, from lodging and tourism, from food safety and prep to managerial accounting, from marketing to human resources management. See below for the HMGT classes. For a full four year curriculum of all required and elective classes, visit the Degree Plan.

Required HMGT classes:
HMGT 201 - Introduction to Hospitality
HMGT 331 - Principles of Tourism
HMGT 351 - Foodservice Management
HMGT 371 - Lodging Management I
HMGT 400 - Hospitality HR & Service Management
HMGT 408 - Facility Management
HMGT 431 - International Tourism
HMGT 451 - Applied Foodservice Management
HMGT 498 - Hospitality Management and Leadership Practicum (Internship)

Elective Classes:

HMGT 352 - Principles of Food (must be taken with HMGT 353)
HMGT 353 - Principles of Food Lab
HMGT 407 - Event Planning &  Management
HMGT 416 - Special Topics in Hospitality Management II
HMGT 433 - Tourism and Hospitality Marketing
HMGT 434 - Crisis Management for Tourism
HMGT 452 - Beverage Management

**Always look at your catalog curriculum and speak to an advisor to plan your degree as some classes are only offered in the fall or spring.

For questions or to get more information about the major, classes, or how to register, contact the B.I. Moody III College of Business Administration Office of Student Services. Read more here.